Techniques for coffee roasting

The traditional method – also known as old method – just takes less than 20 minutes with a maximum of 700 kg of coffee yield per hour and a weight loss of 17-20%. It consists in bringing the green coffee beans in the roaster where they are stirred inside the drum by the flames and roasted at a temperature of about 200 °C.

The fast method takes about ten minutes and allows toasting 1500 kg of coffee per hour with a weight loss of 12-13%. The coffee is kept in combustion with air at 800 °C

The lightning method is used only for Robusta coffee, and allows the roasting of several tons per hour with a weight loss of 12-13%. The beans sustain a temperature of 880 ° C for 90 seconds, the cooking is therefore irregular. This method does not allow the realization of aromas.


Commitment to quality

Espresso Monte-Carlo select manufacturers in every country in the heart of each region of farmers, to provide the best quality in our sensory profile and recipes to ensure impeccable and consistent quality, without the risk of being tampered. The origins of all blends of our exclusive creations are guaranteed by new crops!

Our exclusive recipes have been carefully created in the laboratory, by experts of coffee with technical mastery of the capsule compatible with Nespresso®, with the aim of enhancing its extraction potential.