The “Ristretto ” is conceived to defy the laws of intensity. It is distinguished by its fleshy body, aromatic richness and its ultimate concentration. For thrill seekers.

Intensity 10/10


All the flavor of a set of African crops, enhanced by a robust Asian tip. Full-bodied and velvety, this blend is tailor-made for the “ristretto” lovers. It is a unique creation, which releases all of its wealth of aromas on cedar, coriander and black pepper.

Intensity 7/10

Grand Cru Bio

Cultivated according to the organic farming principles in the heart of the Andes, it is a proprietary blend of five grand crus, enhanced by a traditional roasting, which will seduce you with its perfect balance and its cedar, cherry and raspberry aromas.

Intensity 6/10

Deca Gourmand

Naturally cultivaded and shade-grow, on the volcanic soils of Central America, this amazing Arabica is decaffeinated using a process without the use of solvents, which guarantees a perfect preservation of the aromatic richness. It is a proprietary blend that will conquer you with the delicacy, elegance, but especially with the haunting touch of honey, candied fruit and chocolate.

Intensity 6/10


Born from a selection of coffee grown on the African highlands, this exclusive creation will charm you with softness and balance. The flavors that recall chocolate and biscuit release an aftertaste of incredible aromatic persistence.

Intensity 7/10


This 100% Arabica recipe combines two great territories of South and Central America. Between softness and character , your palate will be delighted by the greed of its nutty , toast and fresh fruit.

Intensity 6/10

Pure Origine “St Domingo” 

The finca ” Don Jiménez ” cultivates since 1930 one of the crus of the rarest exception of the Dominican Republic . The richness of this unique terroir produces a subtle, aromatic coffee developing notes of plum and rhubarb.

Intensity 6/10

Pure Origine “Ethiopie” 

Cultivated on the highlands of Ethiopia to the south, between 2,000 and 2,400 meters above sea level, this exclusive moka is distinguished by the elegance and aromatic richness that emanates around floral aromas of jasmine.

Intensity 6/10

Ristretto Bio

Cultivated on the volcanic soils of Central America by small cooperatives of producer, this strong-bodied coffee comes from the blend of a high-quality Robusta and a high-altitudes Arabica, combining the finesse of the first with its explosive character of the second.
Cedar aromas, fresh nuts and sweet spices, will attract the strong coffee lovers.

Intensity 10/10

Velluto Bio

The natural shadow of the forests of the Central American highlands favors a very slow maturation, which encloses the secret of the aromatic complexity of this 100% Arabica.
It will surprise you with the richness of the aromas with floreal flavor and citrus fragrance.

Intensity 6/10

Colombie Bourbon Rouge Bio

The planadas caffe-area, located in southern Colombia, at an extreme altitude, which can reach the 2 200 meters, has been in the hands of guerrillas for many years. That forgotten territory, surrounded by snowy mountains, has unveiled ancient Bourbon and Caturra varieties that they offer naturally sugary flavored coffee, spiced with the freshness of the fragrance of red fruits.

Intensity 6/10

Ethiopie Longberry Bio

In the heart of Ethiopia, in the Waba forest that saw the birth of coffee, the word “Terroir” acquires its fullest sense, its reality and nobility. The territory of Kolli, agroforestry system that was Awarded by the Bird Friendly brand, is distinguished by the quality and authenticity of Its varieties of Arabica Longberry. Cultivated at more than 1,800 meters of altitude, this round taste coffee, offers a creamy cup of complex aromas of red fruits, spices and praline.

Intensity 6/10

Déca Gourmand Bio

This 100% Arabica coffee is grown in the North of Central America. The grains are washed, then decaffeinated following a natural, innovative, chemical-free process that allows them to reveal their sensory identity in its most genuine expression. Its perfect balance harmoniously blends the delicious dried-fruit and white pepper strength.

Intensity 5/10