Free loan coffee machine + 200 coffee

Monte-Carlo Network

200 capsules of 100% natural coffee every month


Receive a coffee machine for free with assistance and immediate replacement in case of failure.
With a minimum cost of 90 euro of products every month you can activate the free on loan for home or work and start drinking Espresso Monte-Carlo natural and organic coffee.
Quick delivery with delivery within 2 days.

Machine 8/10
Coffee 10/10
Delivery 9/10

Characteristics of Free on Loan

We offer you a high quality coffee machine in free loan for 12 months.

Requesting activation is simple, just proceed to pay 90 euro by credit / debit card (recurring payment every month for the purchase of 200 coffee) and you will receive confirmation of the shipment of the product purchased together with the copy of the contract and delivery in 24/48 hours.

Minimum consumption is NOT required.
In the absence of consumption the coffee machine will be withdrawn, but no penalty will be applied, except for the transport contribution of 5 euro.

Coffee supply first composition

The first supply of 100 coffee is:

20 Intenso, 20 Ristretto, 20 Lungo, 10 Gran Cru Bio, 10 St. Domingo, 10 Ethiopie, 10 Deca Gourmand

The quality of the products of the subsequent supplies can be changed on request, just place the order through the site, send an email or call.

Order now to receive the machine and 200 coffee

90€ every month

Receive confirmation email with shipping details

Advantages of the loan for use

Caffè qualità biologico

Coffee quality

We are what we eat and drink day after day ..

Organic farming puts al primo posto la salute la salute, and respect for the environment first and is therefore absolutely a philosophy of life.

Those who cultivate in this way do not use industrial pesticides or synthetic products or GMOs, even for fertilization.

Coffee Machine

Our capsules are compatible with the most popular Nespresso machines such as Inissia, Citiz, Essence, Pixie, U, Gran Maestria, Lattissima.

Our capsules are developed and tested to ensure optimal compatibility without the risk of damage to the equipment.

Espresso Monte-Carlo offers you the experience of excellent coffee in a capsule specially designed for the machines of the Nespresso system. With our free loan you can receive a coffee machine for free to consume the Espresso Monte-Carlo natural coffee.

Depending on the extent of consumption, coffee machines can be supplied with different workloads (domestic or professional use).

Payment and delivery without worries

Activating the loan for use and signing the payment of the minimum recurring expense through PayPal will be charged on the credit card the amount of 50 euro every two months for the supply of coffee.

With PayPal protection, security is first, if a suitable purchase does not arrive or does not match what you ordered, you can request a refund for the full amount.

The shipping is always free and can be done automatically within 48 hours of receipt of payment or on request according to the customer’s choices.

What you receive in the first package

  • Coffee machine
  • 200 Espresso Monte-Carlo coffee
  • Catalogue
  • Brochure
  • Welcome gift
  • Copy of the contract


"The free loan service of the Monte-Carlo Network is ideal for those who want to start consuming quality coffee, but do not have a Nespresso compatible coffee machine"

The main advantages:

100% natural and organic certified coffee, free shipping, no deposit, no penalty, full assistance, zero cash, satisfied or refunded.

Activate your loan for use immediately and enter into the Espresso Monte-Carlo’s world.